1 Week Left!

Who can’t wait for the sites to be back? Has anyone got any new toys they’ll be fielding for the first time next weekend?

EDIT: 28/03/2021
It would appear we won’t be back in a week as Airsoft is not considered a sport. Sites will be able to return from 12 April

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Maybe… Totally didn’t get a cyma mp5k that definitely doesn’t outrange @SAUSAGES mp7…

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I would love to play, but I injured my knee last year and I’m still undergoing physio to get it back on track.

Definitely don’t recommend jumping through a window in full combat gear without doing at least one leg day for a few months before that! :sweat_smile:

As for gear, I have sold all my shitty optics and am looking to buy a proper red dot or holo sight soon. Don’t get me wrong, I like Chinese knock-offs as any other guy, but stuff from SIG, Trujicon, or EOTech is the shiz.

If anyone can recommend any sights that will withstand simulated recoil on my C4-10 ERG, I’d be grateful.

I’ve not had any hands on time with them but I’ve been hearing good things about the holo-sun lineup as decent cost-effective real steel optics :smiley:

Thanks, that was something I’ve been recommended too, although for that price I wonder if a SIG-SAUER wouldn’t be a better choice.

Anyway, How is everyone prepping for their first game since 2020? Anything in particular you’ve been doing?

I went on and cleaned my guns, double-checked all Li-Pos are in good condition and that I have enough consumables to last me at least a few days of fun.

Besides that, I’ve been invested in getting my body ready to take a whole day of beating. :smiley: