Camp anzio

Camp anzio is a site I love going when it comes to the sites with the massive fields and woodlands to the cqb all in one play zone clearing out warehouses and abandoned buildings with 2 floors and sniping from a distance defending your area.

This site offers players to get upclose and personal aswell as being a sniper in the woodlands.
No matter what loadout you choose I recommend anzio to anyone who hasn’t been there :smiley:


Oh that sounds like an amazing site, will definitely have to give it a go some point soon!

Anzio Camp is one of my favourites. I keep coming back to it for the CQB element within the authentic ex-SAS training facility.

Sadly, the site has been slightly overgrown for my liking in 2020, blocking any real chance of engagement outside the building complex. It’s sad, because I used to enjoy defending buildings while the other team tries to pin us down from afar. Sadly, this has been recently impossible, because the bushes seem overgrown and impenetrable.

Here’s hoping that FAO will do something about it this year, as I’d love to come back.