Can You build a Novritsch SSG96 equivalent for less?

My current major project is looking at answering the question “Can you build yourself a comparable rifle to the Novritsch SSG96 for less than the cost of an SSG96”

The aim of the project is to approach this from the point of view of someone who has never teched on a BASR (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle) before, which I have not, and determine the costs and effort involved in building a similar rifle for yourself. This series is not about having a dig at Novritsch, nor do I definitively know what the outcome will be. It may well turn out that the SSG96 is the sensible choice and if that is the case I will tell you that.

Admittedly I deviated from building a true Novritsch clone by selecting the Cyma CM706 as a base rifle to build off of. Unlike the SSG96, which uses a fixed stock like the real L96, the 706 is based of a folding stock AI body, as found on the L115A3 rifles currently in use with the British Army. I went down this route for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to build this rifle into a L115A3 as I’m a bit of a fan of British rifles
  2. There’s relatively little information out there on the CM706 rifle, so I thought I’d investigate it

You can find a link to series playlist so far below. It’s still an ongoing series, but presently it consists of three stages of the build split over 5 videos:

  1. A look at the stock CM706
  2. “Free Upgrades”: Improving the performance without replacing parts
  3. Range testing the “Free Upgrades”
  4. Barrel and Hop up replacement
  5. Range testing the Barrel and Hop up replacement

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