Can you tell I've got a thing for sa80s?

Here’s my 3 “standard” L85s, the top being a AA r85a1 with my prototype A2 handle on it.

Then below that is my g&g L85A2 dressed up as an early-ish UOR afghan rifle, with a 3d printed acog riser, real DD rail, grip pod, element llm01 and surefire flash hider.

Finally we have my WE L85A2 converted to A3 spec using the EK3 kit, mock c welds stamped into the reciever and then re painted tan cough totally not halfords ford Tuscan beige! cough


I’m so conflicted about SA80s, my brain can’t decide if I like the almost brutalist styling or not.

Tuscan beige sounds like a luxury product a learning algorithm would come up with, along with Standard Velvet & Midnight Mauve.

Nice subcollection man.

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Do they accurately portray their real-life reliability and ergonomics in addition to their looks? :sweat_smile:

Could never stomach this particular bullpup for some reason, and I like AUG and Tavor, as well as some others like KH-2002, or FAMAS. Maybe it’s the brutalist aesthetics or really poor usability ratings.

Nevertheless, you seem to be a fan, and that’s awesome dude. :+1: