DMR Project: G&G MBR 308SR

I’ve recently got a MBR 308SR and want to DMR it. So far I plan to leave the gearset standard as they seem to be fairly solid. I am aware it is short stroked from factory though but like the trigger response it gives.

I am aiming for sub 500 fps as the site allows up to 500fps provided a 2 second delay is set in the MOSFET (it is). Of course I also want it to be as accurate as possible.

I have already fitted:
Lonex/ASG M130 Nonlinear Spring

I have ordered:
PPS 400mm 6.03 Stainless Steel Barrel
Maple Leaf MR Hop Rubber and Omega Nub

Any other suggestions?

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What motor has it got in it? I’d recommend getting a beefy high torque, should help up your trigger response a bit :slight_smile:

Stock is an “IFRIT” 25K motor

Ah that should do you for now :slight_smile:

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I’ve changed over to a M140, fitted the barrel, MR hop rubber and Omega nub and it’s working great! 1.67 joules and shooting accurately out to 60m or so. It was too windy to test out further and I need some 0.4g BB’s.
Thanks for the advice!