Example Sales Post - Cyma M16A1 (CM009B)


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Make: Cyma
Model: CM009B (M16A1)
Accessories: 90rd midcap m16vn type, V2 trigger contacts and wire harness
Condition: Used but good
FPS/J: 329 ± 8 fps on 0.2g / 1.01J ± 0.1J [NOTE DO NOT MAKE THIS UP, IF UNKNOW SAY SO]
Splits/Swap/Part Ex: No/maybe/maybe
Price: £150

Here we have a lovely classic looking rifle, my M16A1 by cyma. A very nicely build rifle, with a metal body and barrel and nice solid plastic handguards, butt stock and pistol grip. A nice addition to the externals is a working bolt hold open device which holds the mock bolt open to allow easy access to adjust the hop, then when done the bolt can be released with the bolt release catch. The stock has a large trap door in the back which gives access to the cavernous battery space.

This rifle is completely stock, with the exception of the ASG M95 spring which was installed by the retailer to bring the power down to UK levels.

The internals have a lot of potential, with a true quick change spring v2 gearbox ( remove one bolt and unscrew the spring guide to change the spring) and the pre-installed ETU mosfet. Admittedly there have been reports of this failing so I have a drop in v2 trigger assembly and wire harness on standby to replace it if it fails (included in the sale). The gearbox itself is well made, with reinforced areas in the places you expect and pre-radiused corners, thumbs up from me on that front! Internals are ok and work, though upgrading them is probably something that should be done at some point in the future.

If you want a more detailed look at this exact rifle, I did a review of it on my channel which you can watch here.