G&G L85 trigger issue

Hi all, first post. I have been trying to fix an issue on my L85 where the trigger works in semi and after 10 or so trigger pulls the trigger jams. I have, I think found the issue but not sure on a fix. If I hold the semi/auto selector in semi position it seems to work properly. I found this out by removing the gearbox and firing on the bench. My next move is to strip the box and see if I can find the issue. Had anybody has this issue and if so, could you share the fix. The gun is totally stock at the moment. I will be replacing the piston as it’s stripped, it looks like the AOE was way off and it has chewed the first 3 teeth. I will also be fitting a mosfet as it seems to be better but not fixed with a 7.4 lipo.

I’m not 100% sure this is it, but I had a similar issue on my stock G&G SG553. The behaviour of your rifle sounds EXACTLY how my Sig worked. In my case, the issue was with battery contacts wearing out due to the fact the rifle wasn’t fit with a MOSFET, and I was running 7.4v Li-Po.

The solution was to fit a TITAN v2 MOSFET unit and upgrade internals to handle the loads from battery. It now works like a dream. Any MOSFET would do (you can get one for £20-£30), but I picked TITAN for a couple of different reasons.

I hope this helps!