MilSim West Style Game

Is there anywhere in the UK that hosts a MilSim West style of game? Full immersion, role play type game style with all the equipment to go with it.

What do you mean by MilSim West style ?

A full 2-3 day event with vehicles etc. Objectives all through the night and shed loads of role play.

Roleplay, vehicles, yes but not through the night. Two day daylight hours only - 16 hours full on.

Sounds good. I’ve been meaning to go on an Okto event but never got round to it

We run private games. No vehicles but I design the games and we do a 24hr weekend event. From 5pm Saturday with BBQs at midnight, camp sleep, breakfast in the morning and if you wish playing in to Sunday 5pm finish. We play as a group of friends, so there are no actual Marshalls, just players. 1 site Marshall who is there for safety only.