The National Airsoft Festival is planned!

Depending on government guidelines the National Airsoft Festival should be running August 27th - 29th 2021. Details are on the website but tickets haven’t opened up yet.

Website Link

Do you plan to attend this year? Do you have your doubts over whether it will run?

Hell yeah! This is like an annual celebration that was taken away from us last year. I hope this year will be different.

What’s no to love? Proper camping, awesome people, a wildlife bar, fully stocked shop and a serious dose of all-day games for an entire weekend.

As soon as bookings are open, me and my best mate will be signing up for NAF2021! :muscle:

Sounds good! I’ve never been but me and a few mates are probably going this year. Sounds like a good laugh

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If you have mates to travel and camp with, that’s even better. In case you don’t, fear not, because people are super friendly and social you won’t feel alone even for a bit. :sunglasses:

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