Okto Eight Leaves Facebook

Airsoft and Facebook are uneasy bedfellows.
Okto Eight Milsim have decided after 7 years to transfer much of their activities away from Facebook.

With the advent of a new website, we will be running our player community activities on the site and a dedicated APP.

We will still operate a Facebook page for Okto Eight for Facebookers, but otherwise the important stuff will be platformed elsewhere.

Our website is:



I think that’s a great move. I only wish more people would realise that being dependant on these unaccountable social platforms makes their businesses very vulnerable to being hit when they change their policies or approach to certain topics, such as airsoft.

If you want to add your airsoft site for free to a crowd-sourced catalogue of UK airsoft sites, feel free to fill out this form and I’ll add it to playairsoft.uk: PlayAirsoft UK Site Submission

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Our transfer is now fully complete and we are preparing to open bookings on our next game Operation Scimitar2 on our new web based platform and community.