PlayAirsoft – a crowd-sourced list of UK airsoft sites

Hey, so I’ve been working on this project for a few weeks, where I’ve started gather info on popular airsoft sites in the UK. I have built a database of these and created a website where you can browse and find information about these sites, all in one convenient place.

PlayAirsoft UK

The reason is that generally people who put up websites about airsoft sites are not professionals and they don’t have a budget to spend on professional services to make their websites or even information well designed and accessible.

I also was annoyed that there is no central place I could find out more about various sites and pick a new one for my next weekend, or so.

PlayAirsoft is an answer to these and other issues. The functionality is currently a bit limited because I only just started, but the info is what matters right now, and I’ve spent hours and days scavenging and verifying all the information about these sites. There aren’t a lot right now, just 21, but here’s where you might chip in and help me gather all the info.

If you have a favourite site that isn’t listed, use the form which is available on a website to suggest it. All submissions are reviewed before getting listed, and I would like to have the most accurate info on these sites as possible.

Feel free to use this topic as a way to provide feedback, suggestions, and reporting issues. I can’t promise anything, but I’m hoping with PlayAirsoft to provide a reliable and accessible way to plan your next airsoft adventure.

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Looks good mate, I’ve just submitted my regular site

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Thanks, Sam! I’ll be sure to deploy it shortly. :+1:

Just wanted to update folks here that PlayAirsoft has now 29 sites across the UK, with more people submitting theirs as we speak, but I will need time to check every submission to ensure all info is solid.

I’ve improved the browsing experience as well, and there’s a ton of cool things coming up!