"Rate my loadout" megathread

Post your loadouts here!


Welcome! Nice loadout!

Thanks it’s a nuprol M4 with a genuine aimpoint M4 red dot scope. Magpul magazine grips, nuprol pelican case, and the sidearm is a smith and Wesson M&P copy

That’s awesome, I’ve heard good things about the Nuprol range being solid out the box. Have you fielded it much?

I managed to get a few games in with it before the last lockdown. It’s been pretty reliable with no issues. All metal so feels nice and well balanced. Better than my old M4 was see pic of old M4

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The new one here feels much more balanced and realistic compared to a real M4. Balance is about the same in your hand


Hey guys, new here so thought id show my moat used loadout, sneaky bush man.
Using a stalker hood, Double Eagle M40 and Raven M1911 MEU

At this point the ghille was just a hood :joy: ive worked on it alot since then and is much better :ok_hand:


My two sniper loadouts.


Nice one! What rifle is the first loadout primary based on?

Its loosely based on the Accuracy International AXMC that is used in ‘6Underground’. Its actually a Well MB44-18-3.

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If it’s not too late to join in?
Imgur: The magic of the Internet these are some slightly out of date images of my usual kit.

It’s a Tasmanian Tiger MKii warrior belt, Viper elastic mag pouches, a DTD holster, & British army UGL pouch.

My chest rig is an Emerson elastic knock off, dyed & spray painted to change the colour.

Krytac MK2 SPR-M, it’s heavily modified now, with a maple leaf crazy jet/MR hop combo & a burst fire mosfet, I just need to pick up a scope and dial it in for long range sniper torment.

My sidearm is the Marui MK23, with another crazy jet and hop rubber combo, just for that extra range.

I’ve recently picked up some PTS EPM1s and can’t wait to see how they work for me when I can play again.


Slightly older loadout:

My 3 year old workhorse Ares AM-009. Asides from having a a fire select issue within a month where it sat as safe-full-full, it’s never skipped a beat. I ended up locking to safe-semi-semi through the programmer and it hasn’t bothered me in the slightest.

Couple additions, CTR clone, a Nuprol 552 clone, mock PEQ, cheapo amazon torch.
Internally just a maple leaf macaron 60deg.

WAS 701 Chest rig, surplus MTP, some Viper fleece, and idk probably an FMA noggin protector.
Typically running either a WE Glock 17, or a WE P226. Both stock, last seen venting mags out the back of a slide. You love to see it!

Shout outs to @samhinsley for the picture btw :wink:

Now transitioning to a TM HK416 Delta, Sig M17. Going to start running a more PMC loadout with Tartan shirts, jeans, and the rig. Still working on finalizing the finer details for that - WAC Molle cargo pack for the back panel on route.

I’ll try and update this once I get out an finalize everything.


I’ve been always a fan of weird stuff and stayed away from the M4 platform, but in recent years I’ve gravitated towards it.

This particular setup consists of a Centurion Arms CM4 C4-10 ERG with ERG mags for standard mission and a Magpul PDR-C for CQB (hence the swap of backup sights). I recently swapped my KJW M1911 for a ASG CZ P-09, and I love it. Some pics below.

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have any pics of my SG553, which has been recently upgraded, re-shimed, and rewired to support TITAN v2 MOSFET.