Welcome to the forum! Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us how you got into airsoft and how long you’ve been doing it!

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Hey All. Just joined, thought I would say hi. Hope to meet some of you soon on a game site. Needing some pew pew time.

Welcome! It’s create to see people joining up. What’s your local site?

Hi Sam. I’ve got a few local sites near me, I play mainly at Mayhem, Dragons lair and occasions you’ll find me at AP and Billericay. Do travel around. Also Bunker 51 for CQB. We like Gaol and south coast, not been to school in reading for a while but that was good site. Miss the Mall and my old time favourite was Blitz in Whitechapel. And you where you play? Clive

That sounds good! I’ve been meaning to visit Gaol so might give it a look when we’re allowed outside.
I usually play at Gunman Tuddenham with occasional visits to DTW’s indoor site, Airsoft GB and Billericay.

A few extra sites I haven’t heard of. Will check them out

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great to see forums making a comeback :+1:

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:wave: Hey, I’m Matt, I’m from North West. Just wanted to say hello on here, and I hope to see the community grow. I normally play at Anzio Camp (near Leek) and recently I’ve been fond of All Arms near Blackburn.

Any Greater Manchester locals here?

I’ve been recently working on a project that would help people discover new places to play airsoft in the UK, and is due to launch soon. If you’re interested in beta testing it, feel free to DM me.

Welcome! The project to find sites sounds good, I’ll ping you a DM. Feel free to create a topic about it if you want as well mate

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