Why did you start airsoft?

I noticed that the forum is a bit on a hush-hush as people are likely recovering from Easter-induced hangover, so I decided to pose a couple of questions for the ice breaker.

  1. Why did you start to play airsoft?
  2. What do you like about airsoft?
  3. What do you dislike about airsoft?

Why did you start to play airsoft?

I was always interested in the military. My friends call me a “gun-nut”, as I’m a little bit of a geek in that regard. Because of my age and responsibilities I could not sign up for service, and so I looked for ways to be more active, and do something outdoors with my best mate. Airsoft was one of those things we heard about, we gave it a go for the first time in 2014, and forwards to 2021, I’m still playing (aside from the recent country-wide shutdown).

What do you like the most about airsoft?

  • Camaraderie. There’s just something awesome about the feeling of team-wide collaboration in order to complete an objective. It helps develop strong bonds with your mates.
  • Physical. It’s tough, it requires good fitness level most of the time, and give the right combination of game and terrain you will have a hard time finding a better form of exercise, due to your body releasing adrenaline and endorphins throughout the day. The tiredness feels awesome at the end of the day.
  • Mental. It’s not just your body being tested. It’s your mind too. Strategy and tactics, outsmarting your opponents, completing objectives without many casualties, planning your approach. It’s all in the head.
  • Social. Most of the time people are friendly, open, funny and don’t take themselves too seriously. After all we’re all running and gunning with pewpew toys, pretending to be specops.
  • Guns. Lots of guns. I handled real weapons with live ammunition before, so this is like additional training routine. Laugh all you want, but I’m the guy who does his fare share of dry drills, weapon transitions, etc. I like it. It keeps me sharp.

What do you dislike about airsoft?

  • Cheaters. It’s a game of honour, so if you don’t have any — grow up or play something else. Taking your hits even if you have doubts hurts only your pride. So be it.
  • Ego and attitude. It’s cool to talk shit from time to time and boast about your actions, but when confronted with an unpleasant situation don’t give me the attitude. Take your ego out of the equation when dealing with people.
  • Overshooting. I’m particularly pissed about that one, since I lost part of my front tooth due to an idiot who exemplified previous points as well as decided to aim for the face from 5 metres, despite having my whole body at display. People like this don’t deserve to be playing with NERFs.
  • Poorly structured games. Splitting people into two teams and giving them same objectives but with different locations is a great recipe for a boring experience. Be creative. Allow people to use different play styles. Marshalls aren’t just for keeping score and ensuring safety. Use them to flesh out the game and mess about with objectives or tempo if you see it waning down or people being stuck.
  • Pyros. Or actually lack thereof. I understand safety of not using smoke indoors, but outside in a normally wet and thus relatively safe area? If you don’t have a good reason against pyros, don’t ban them on principle alone. Assess situation and find recommendations. If it’s unsafe, it’s unsafe, but we’re all 18+ here, technically adults, so be respectful of your players.

What about you?


Good thread idea, let’s get this rolling shall we?

  1. I like guns and interesting mechanisms, now you tell I can shoot my friends and not have to dig a shallow grave in the woods?
    Hell yes.

  2. I’ve met fun people on my team before, but my favourite was an enemy player who’d been ruining our assault over and over again who I managed to sneak up on and I got a hit from up close.
    After he was done with his surprise we had a great chat about tactics, his gun build, and the day in general before going on with our day.

  3. the cheat calling culture, it’s so unhelpful for new players and old.

I’d really like earpro to be encouraged, I have minor tinnitus and I won’t play without something to stop it getting worse.

Game structure can be really delicate, but some games do just feel lazy, I’d like more story in my games, but that’s probably not practical for my local site.


Taking me down memory lane near on 20 years ago.

  1. What got me started was a trip to Hong Kong. My mate and I found loads and loads and loads and loads of shops selling airsoft guns. We both bought one for a bit of laugh then found out a year or 2 later there was a whole community of like minded people. So I rolled out my TM MP5 and the rest is history.

  2. I’ve always been in to weapons and military, airsoft couldn’t come closer to my interest without actually joining the military. I never liked the idea of actually getting shot or blown up!

  3. Hmmmm what don’t I like about airsoft… can’t say much. Cheaters just gives me a reason to try harder and hunt them down. I try to make the most of every game even the bad ones. If it has to be anything is the lack of CQB sites as bad weather doesn’t add for an enjoyable day. Im not one for soggy socks and pants.

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